Maranatha is a fellowship of over 500 churches around the world under the leadership and spiritual covering of Apostle Nahum Rosario.  Maranatha House of Prayer and Pastor Raul believe that an apostolic covering is biblical and necessary, and therefore our church operates under the spiritual covering of our Apostle Nahum Rosario. Our Apostle has been in ministry for over 40 years, is a graduate of Moody Bible Institute, and a 2nd generation pastor. His ministry has a strong emphasis on the Word of God, Faith and the power of the Holy Spirit. Minerva, his wife, has worked by his side and is also a powerful preacher of God's word and is used mightily under a prophetic anointing.  Out of love and obedience to God, they traveled and ministered to poor churches in Mexico, Central America and South America starting in the 1980's. Today, by of the grace of God, Maranatha churches are among the strongest churches in Latin America and continue to grow. In 2012, at the word of the Lord, Apostle Rosario installed his eldest son to pastor the Maranatha Church in Chicago after pastoring there for 40 years. Papa and Mama, as we call them out of revelation and love, stepped out in faith once again to obey God and they established Maranatha Church in Panama City, Panama (Central America). Since it’s first service, the church has exploded in growth and powerful sessions of intercession, discipleship and evangelism are the norm.  Maranatha House of Prayer in St. Charles, is establishing a powerful New Testament church under this blessed legacy, with a strong emphasis on prayer, worship, discipleship and evangelism.  The vision of our church is to disciple believers who will then manifest God’s glory in our world, for the glory of God!